Facebook is an effective and affordable way to reach your desired audience. Therefore, I will do best of my service for growth of your business. I’ll create banner ad for paid Facebook advertising size of 1200x628px or 1200x444px per post. All designs will be Compatible with all FB advertising rules (Such as less than 20% text, Non-nude images, measuring tapes/scales should be avoided etc). I’ll provide High-quality stock images on free of charge (Licensed images from my own image library). Designs will be minimal, clear views in small sizes such as mobile devices, well matching elements/ colors with your brand and logo.

I’ll take charge of Rs. 120 for $1. Example, If you want to boost your post for $6 (six-days long advert), you have to pay Rs. (6×120) Rs. 720/- + 150 Every Design Charge.